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Buying a house for sister

He became a born children without parents, fortunately, he has a big sister he was twelve years old. 
Sister is his family - his father, his mother. 
His sister, he joined hundreds of meals eaten through one hundred clothing. New Year's Eve night, my sister holding his side on the fire with red flames, stroking his innocent face, over and over again to him sing a little song. 
With his sister lived in my grandparents 'home, and later came to his grandmother and from my grandparents' home. When my sister 20 years old, my sister took him back to his old house that three settled down. His education, and he watched with envy neighbors shining colorful bags, eye bags were rolling along with it. But my sister had no money to buy him. Late at night, in the dim light, the sister of one of their favorite pieces apart to yellow clothes, stitch to sew him a chic bag. This schoolbag schoolbag like shining inside and outside, like a lot of layers sewn bag, can be placed separately stationery, exercise books and other things, and also double strap. He was very happy to go to school the next day carrying. Shining love with his bag, and he proposed to exchange. He shining colorful bag back in the body, hand and stroked strap, and reluctantly put themselves broken yellow bag to the back. 
With more and more knowledge acquired, broken yellow bag is more and more horrendous. Broken stitch, sew the broken, broken yellow bag with him as he completed primary school time. 
For some time, there is always a boy came to her sister. Is one night, he woke up from a dream, I heard the boy talking with her sister. 
The boy said: If you can settle down, we can immediately get married. Everything is ready, on the lack of a bride. 
Sister said: Again, no matter where, I have to bring NAO. 
Boy sighed softly, silent for a long time, said: Let there not do it NAO to Grandpa? 
Sister shook her head. 
Shut the door gently. He stood by the door to see her sister absence, long, long time. 
With a breath he did not know what effort, academic grades are always in the lead. He eventually finished school in the provincial capital of a government department to work. Boyhood shining became his bride, they have a three year old son, and happiness I, he remembered her sister. 
Sister haggard 40s, people actually like an old lady. Looked at his big sister house, but no place to put the hands and feet. 
He and shining on the sister said: Do you live in here. What to wear to eat anything, you just buy it. 
Shining accompanied her sister to the big mall to buy two sets of clothes, but also to do a surface friction. Returning home, he found a lot of spiritual sister, the yellow face with flushing. 
One night, he got up to the bathroom, heard his son burbles words: aunt, so I earned a lot of money, I'll buy a house, the family and the children have parents. He heard her sister sigh loudly patted his son's back, which fell into a deep sigh pressure in his mind. 
He came home from work one day and the shining, saw lying on the coffee table in a plastic bag wrapped in a package, as well as my sister wrote a note: NAO, shining, see you live well, I'm relieved. I live here not forthcoming, I have to go home - that person is still waiting for me. He hastened to open the plastic bag, which is broken yellow bag. Bag is very old, riddled, but very clean. He opened a small inside pocket and found a job with a yellow paper. Jobs written with a pencil on paper tender words: grow up, I have to earn a lot of money to my sister to buy a home. 
He murmured: my sister to buy a home....

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